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   In the Aizkraukle Museum opened an exhibition of paintings by Andrei Gorgots "Visualization of images"

   In the Aizkraukle Historical and Art Museum "Kalna Ziedos" until April, you can see an exhibition of paintings by Kraslavsky Andrey Gorgots "Visualization of images." At the opening of the exhibition, the artist presented the Aizkraukle self-government with one of his paintings.

   The works presented in the museum, made in the technique of oil paints with a rich color palette, are full of many details. The paintings are full of deep meaning, they tell about the artist's inner experiences and his philosophical reflections on life, death, love. At the exposition you will see the visualization of Beethoven's energy, the life path and art of musician Vladimir Vysotsky, works with a religious plot, visualization of hidden parallel worlds, etc. Works a little mystical mood. In the process of interpreting symbols, everyone can create their own idea of ??what they see in the pictures, in turn, the names of the works will direct and open the ideas of the author himself.

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